GRANIKAL extends its collaboration with the Spanish Group Zamora and after Martin Miller’s Gin and Lolea, becomes the exclusive importer & distributor of Licor 43!

Licor 43 (31% ABV, 700ml) is the #1 premium Spanish liqueur globally, produced in Cartagena, from a secret Spanish family recipe of 43 natural ingredients, which includes Mediterranean citrus fruits and selected botanicals. It is the fastest grown premium liqueur in the world and this is all because of…. coffee!

Shaken Carajillo is the signature cocktail of Licor 43, the top trending cocktail in Mexico, as Licor 43 and Espresso are combined in the best way to create a coffee-cocktail that you will love!

For the Shaken Carajillo you’ll need: 50ml Licor 43 and 60ml Espresso. Shake well and double strain in a glass full of ice. Garnish with 3 coffee beans and enjoy the ultimate Shaken Carajillo!

Carajillo’s launch took place at Athens Bar Show 2022, where more than 500 visitors had the chance to try this new coffee cocktail, which was unofficially chosen as the absolute coffee cocktail of Athens Bar Show!

The rest of the range of Licor 43, is also included in GRANIKAL’s portfolio:

  • LICOR 43 BARISTO (31% ABV, 700ml), a fusion of Licor 43 with rare coffee from the Canary Islands.

  • LICOR 43 HORCHATA (16% ABV, 700ml), a fusion of Licor 43 with traditional horchata from Valencia. It is vegan and dairy free, ideal as a replacement of cream liqueurs in cocktails.

Cheers with Shaken Carajillo and Licor 43!!!

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