GRANIKAL impressed the visitors of Athens Bar Show 2022 and initiated “Drink Different”!

48 bartenders from all around Greece worked their magic behind the bars at Granikal’s stands.

10 Masterclasses took place, with global-known speakers such as Simone Caporale, Danil Nevsky, Gabriela Moncada, and amazing cocktails were served at the 10 Guest Events/ Afterparties at top bars in Athens by the Global Bartenders mentioned above and more such as Lorenzo Antinori, Ciro Adriano de Georgio, Facundo Gallegos and Iris Arely Ruano!

Granikal’s Italian Culture was already well-known, but at Athens Bar Show 2022, with the Italian style at the booths of Amaro Montenegro, Select Aperitivo we were taken on a journey to Bologna and Venice, and we also got to know Edgar Sopper Gin!

Among the highlights of Athens Bar Show, was the re-launch in the Greek Market of super premium Martin Miller’s Gin and Licor 43. The brands offered signature options like Carajillo, the absolute must coffee cocktail of Athens Bar Show 2022 with Licor 43 and Jacobs Espresso Selezione and the bartender’s favorite, super premium Martin Miller’s G&T!

Luxardo could not be missing from Athens Bar Show, showing why it is among the most significant Italian families of the industry with history from 1821!

Cocchi inspired the visitors by serving the absolute V&T, and the premium Cuban style Rum, Matusalem Rum impressed the attendants with the stunning cocktails with Matusalem Gran Reserva 15, Matusalem Gran Reserva 23 and Matusalem Insolito.

The stands of Michter’s Whiskey and Los Siete Misterios Mezcal, were among the top talking points of ABS 2022! The visitors had the chance to try not only the core-range but also the limited-edition choices by Michter’s Whiskey and Los Siete Misterios Mezcal.

Saint James Rhum took us on a journey to Agricole Rhum, while Supasawa created the most extraordinary Crystal-Clear Daiquiri of ABS! The super-premium Vodka, Onegin thrilled the audience with its smooth taste and the amazing Onegin Bloody Mary.

From Agave Embassy we couldn’t miss the “Holy Grail of Tequila”, namely Fortaleza Tequila, or Bruxo Mezcal presenting its whole range!

GRANIKAL was not only the company that organized the most Masterclasses from all at ABS 2022, but also had very well-known speakers from the Industry!

Simone Caporale & Luca Missaglia: “The Art of Shaking” powered by Amaro Santoni

Danil Nevsky (Global Bartender Martin Miller’s Gin): “Art to Cocktails”, powered by Martin Miller’s Gin

Lorenzo Antinori (Head Bartenders & Beverage Manager στο Argo Cocktail bar, Four Seasons Hong Kong):” Spirits from the future – ARGO Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong” powered by Amaro Montenegro

Héktor Monroy (Global Head of Experience του Matusalem Rum): “The 150 years of Matusalem Rum

An Aperitivo with Rudi Carraro (Global Ambassador Gruppo Montenegro) and Facundo Gallegos (Director of Bars & Restaurant στο The St. Regis Venice 5*), powered by Select Aperitivo

Asteris Psarras (Granikal Portfolio Ambassador) & Stephen Copperthwaite (Sales Manager/ BA at Michter’s Whiskey): “What is Sour Mash Whiskey”, powered by Michter’s Whiskey

Gabriela Moncada (Agave Ambassador Specialty Brands): “The Evolution of Mezcal: A Story in Three Sips”, powered by Los Siete Misterios Mezcal

Roberto Bava (Owner and Managing Director Cocchi Vermouth): “It’s always Christmas with Cocchi”! The Cocchi Vermouth and Panettone Experience, powered by Cocchi Vermouth

Jody Monteith for Supasawa: “Never Problems……Only (Sustainable) Solutions

Constantinos Vasilakopoulos for Saint James Agricole Rhum: “Saint James Agricole Rhum: From farm to Bottle”

See you at the next Athens Bar Show. Until then… DRINK DIFFERENT!!!

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