The Hedonist Society\r\n\r\nBar name: ΜΠΛΕ ΠΑΠΑΓΑΛΟΣ\r\nBartender name: Νικόλας Μοσχονάς\r\nCocktail name: Passiflora\r\nIngredients list:\r\n30 ml Sylvius\r\n50 ml Boompjes Old Genever\r\n10 ml Amarot 8\r\n15 ml Passiflora Cordial (comes from S. America, as a healing herb), 2 parts sugar, 1 part water and 8o gr. of citric acid, 1 cup of Passiflora (national flower of Tenessy)\r\n2 dashes of peychaud bitters,\r\ntop up with Three Cents Lemon tonic\r\nMethod: shake and fine strain\r\nGlass: high ball\r\nGarnish: pickeled Carrot\r\n\r\n